「ガフールの伝説」より To The Sky

映画「ガフールの伝説」のエンドロールで使われていた曲"To The Sky"からの表現です。




"To The Sky"


Shipwreck in a sea of faces

There's a dreamy world up there

Dear friends in higher places

Carry me away from here



---words and idioms---

Shipwreck 難破船

in a sea of faces (直訳:一面に並ぶ顔の中に)多くの人に囲まれた

dreamy 空想の

in higher places 高みにいる

awake the stars 星を起こしてくれ

brighten the blue 憂鬱を吹き飛ばす

bid the forest floor goodbye 森の地面にさよならを告げる(bid)

race the wind 風を切る

on the heel of ~に続いて

whisper ささやく

Purple burst of paper birds 紙で作った鳥は紫に散った

after all 結局、最終的には

realm 範疇、(別の)世界



Carry me away from here 私をさらっておくれ(地面にいる私をcarry me away「運び去って、さらって」という意味です。


Travel light (直訳:荷物を多く持たずに旅に出てくれ、軽く飛び立ってくれ)



let the sun eclipse you (直訳:太陽で君を陰にしてくれ)



there's more to this brave adventure than you'd ever believe 君が思うよりこの勇敢な冒険にはもっと奥がある


This picture paints a thousand words. (直訳:この絵は1000もの言葉を描写する。)

=> 百聞は一見に如かず、この光景を見ればすべてが分かる。



So take a breath of myth and mystery




この曲 "To The Sky" ですが、詩の理解はちょっと調べたところでは、ネイティブの間でも色々あるようです。





その中で、rubygem77さんが November 24, 2012にポストしていたことを紹介します。




At the beginning of the Guardians, Soren (the main owl dude), is stuck in a tree with his family, hence "shipwreck". His dad tells him stories about far off places (it's a dreamy world up there), and he wishes desperately to fly to see them (friends in higher places, Carry me away from here)


Then he's captured and needs to escape from evil people (your flight is about to leave) and run away and hide (Travel light, let the sun eclipse you) and he starts looking for a place (Ga'hoole) which most believe doesn’t exist (And there's more to this brave adventure than you'd ever believe)


He's finally flying, and he feels like he's touching the stars. His "wide-eyed wonder" makes everything seem magical. He's flying towards a place out of stories (Chase your dreams) but he needs to be brave. Flying for the first time is awesome. 


He found what he was looking for, but war isn't as cool as he thought (There's a stormy world up there). It's loud and scary (There's a stormy world up there), but he can still fly to face it.


Ga'hoole is completely new to him, and he wants to learn all about it (This picture paints a thousand words, so take a breath of myth and mystery)


In the books, he goes looking for his family (Where the lost are finally found, Touch your feathers to the breeze)


That's all I could think of!


--- words and idioms ---

dude 奴(ここでは、メインフクロウの奴)

stuck 抜け出せないでいる

hence それ故に

Desperately 熱心に

Captured 捕まった

wide-eyed wonder 大きく見開かれた驚き

awesome 素晴らしい


--- expression ---

That's all I could think of! 自分が考えられるのは、こんなところです。