BBC HARDtalk に出演したNiklas Frankのインタビューの中の表現を紹介します。






Niklas: it was you talking to me, asking those questions, as you can see, maybe, in the red my my face, that I become furious again, because it's so unbelievable, in which he was involed, what he did actively.

Stephen: But, the red cheeks and the fury that you feel, are they not allowing your father to define you?

Niklas: To define you, exactly?

Stephen: You are giving your father another form of enourmous power.
He wielded this terrible power over so many millions in Polland, and still over you.
I think you once called yourself "a puppet on a string".

Niklas: Yes

Stephen: Why don't your cut those strings?
Don't allow your father, even in death, after so many years, to pull your strings.

furious 激昂する、怒る
fury 激昂、怒り
allow your father to define you? 父にあなたを定義づけさせていませんか(=父が、今あなたの人となりを決定していませんか =父があなたの立ち位置を決めていませんか)
wielded 力を奮う、力を用いる
a puppet on a string 操り人形

This is like a swamp. A swamp was never drained. So, here and there, in Germany, you find nowadays, in all the years I have lived till now, you found those poison(ous) flowers coming out.
And suddenly there is a meadow full of those poison(ous) flowers.

Let's wait, and hopefull not to see, if we have 5 to 10 years (of) heavy economic problems, and the swamp is a lake, and it is sea and will swallow again everything.

never drained 水が枯れることは無かった
swamps 沼
meadow 草原、牧草地



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