Got our work cut out for us

今日は映画「Norm of The North」からの表現についてです。

そもそも今回のフレーズ "Got our work cut out for us" の紹介はVOA Learning Englishの English @ the Moviesのコーナーで上手く動画で紹介されていますのでまずそちらをご覧くださいVOA Learning Englishではナレーターがゆっくり話してくれますので映画の部分以外は聞き取りやすいと思います


このイディオム"Got our work cut out for us"は、「やらなきゃいけない仕事が待ち構えているよ」といった意味です。

しかしどうして、cut out for us なのでしょうか?


When I first heard the phrase "You have your work cut out for you" I thought it meant that it made the job easier, because you have removed, or cut out, the work. Made sense to me. But I eventually found out that I was wrong, that's not what it means. より




Back in the days when people actually sewed garments by hand, stitching together a jacket could be a time-consuming undertaking. While the necessary pieces of cloth had to be cut out initially, this was by far the easiest part of the job and the least daunting. If someone happened to cut out these pieces of fabric for the seamstress, she might be inclined to say, “I have my work cut out for me.” In this case, the saying could be taken literally and figuratively. Metaphorically, the seamstress implies that the work ahead has been clearly laid out for her, and that she anticipates extensive labor. より


sewed garments 衣服を縫った

stitching together a jacket 上着を縫ってあつらえる

a time-consuming undertaking 時間がかかる作業

least daunting 一番大変でない

fabric 布生地

seamstress お針子、裁縫をする女性

figuratively, metaphorically 比喩的に

been laid out 置かれた

anticipates extensive labor 大変な仕事を覚悟する